We partner with our artists to translate their goals and visions into a realistic business plan for success.

We will use our experienced and talented consultants to build a team of music professionals interested in you and your music to provide tailor-made services that fit your project.

You are part of the budget process. We believe in transparency, and the budget and financial commitments to the project are mutually agreed to before the campaign is launched.

What We Do


As a new or established Artist, we want to showcase your talents in the best possible way as we introduce you into the changing marketplace.

We are here to help the artist incorporate the most current trends in marketing such as social media, website launch, public relations, streaming, radio, Internet music subscription services and more.

Our marketing expertise will position you to that next level of recognition.



We provide a custom-tailored team to bring the artist's music to the marketplace using the latest techniques and trends available in the music business today.

Our relationships with leading digital distribution platforms ensure your music is delivered to all online stores and music providers.

Our non-exclusive relationships with leading physical distributors enabling us to secure the right partners for each project. We use leading manufacturers to produce a quality product at affordable pricing and flexibility to meet deadlines.


Personal Support

We provide a personal level of support for emerging and established artists alike.

We believe that each artist is a unique entity with a distinctive voice. The music that you create is an instrument used to tell your story.

We target and tailor our resources to the artist’s needs to realize each project as it should be….Yours!

Our Approach


You need flexibility and a label that will work with you to deliver what your project needs.

We offer flexible contracts that do not require mandatory options or a minimum number of future recordings. 

Contracts designed specifically for each project means artists have more control over their work and how they see their future.



You have creative control and input to your project. You own your master recordings. Jullian Records believes that you, the artist, should be in control of your music, as well as choosing how to showcase the creativity that will build your brand. Artists are empowered to make choices that are right for them.

You are the 'Master' of your 'Masters'. Jullian believes that the music you create is yours, and we are committed to Artist development. You retain ownership of your Master rights and the majority of the revenue after recoupment.

Meet The Team


Cynthia Brossy-Hart

Cynthia Brossy-Hart believes that you will travel many paths in your lifetime. Whatever path you follow, good or bad you can always turn around and chose another route…That led her to establish the indie label, Jullian Records.

Passion for music, and an equal passion for nurturing the developing young, and even the established, artist to open their minds and talent to a different approach in pursuing their music careers. A “why can’t we” attitude sometimes challenges the stodgy record industry paradigms with a refreshing artist-friendly approach.

If you can open your eyes and mind to new ideas and experiences you will find opportunities that you would have otherwise missed…”I’ve seen amazing things happen when people get a chance they never had before”, says Brossy-Hart.

Jullian Records is about giving artists opportunities and about opening their eyes to the possibilities in front of them. Hard work, determination, and great music is the formula to develop a team that will help young and mature artists open the doors to those opportunities.


Travis Guenther

Travis first started as an intern at Epic Records where he was the best intern Epic ever had, Epic even contemplated changing the name from Epic Records to Travis Records because that’s how great he was.

After leaving Epic, Travis went to Soul Solution Studios where everyone agreed he was the best. In fact, in the history of music Travis is often cited as being the best. Anyhoo, in 2012 Travis joined Jullian Records and guess what? He was the best there too, yep, in fact one could doubt that Travis is the best but they would be wrong for betting against him.

Travis and Jullian Records are always looking out for our artists, potential artists and future superstars.

Together, We Will Make Music Great Again!


Rachel Mintz

Rachel has 20+ years experience working in the music industry. Her background includes a history at both independent and major labels as a product manager, including TVT, Mercury, V2 and Razor & Tie, as well as time in distribution working as a label manager at WEA and RED. Rachel's commitment and dedication to the artist and their needs has always been a strong motivator. She seeks to work with and guide the artist in this ever-changing landscape of music marketing.


Josh Zieman

Josh Zieman, currently President of InKind Music, has over 30 years of experience managing artists and marketing music at both management positions and major record labels. Josh has help senior management positions at Columbia, Mercury, EMI, and Blue Note Records, and was President of Dramatico Record US, as well as General Manager of leader indepedent, Razor & Tie.

Josh is experienced in creating an implementing marketing campaigns for new, emerging, and superstar artists in Pop music. He is able to help artists who have success in a unique person style and genre, and make the ransition to cross over to more mainstream genres. His experience and expertise in management and marketing has helped in defining his notoriety in music business circles. 


Amanda McGuire

Amanda is 34 years old, raised in beautiful Cape Coral, FL. When she’s am not in the office she’s at the soccer field. She has a son and daughter that both play competitive soccer for The Cape Coral Cyclones. Jullian Records is a proud annual sponsor. Amanda has been with Jullian Records for 3.5 years. She works side by side with Cynthia.